Cool Cemetery Pictures Using iPhone Camera

It was an incredibly foggy day yesterday. It was perfect conditions to go into the cemetery and take advantage of the fog and daylight. I used my standard iphone 4 and stock lens. For post processing I used a great iphone app called Photoforge 2. I was happy with the results. The iphone really makes taking photographs fun and easy. What do you think?

Macro Photos of Recycled Cullet Glass

I am alive still. For those people who follow my blog (thanks, Mom), I just wanted to say after a long hiatus, that I plan to update this thing regularly once again. I took some time off, and my sphere machine broke. I put a bandaid on it for the time being, but I need to replace a motor. I plan on getting another machine going soon also. So stay tuned for more spheremaking on the way! In the meantime, I recently purchased a 3 in 1 lens kit for my iphone 4. I paid $15 but you can get it for under $10 at the moment here: It’s a knock off brand, but is quite great for the money. I took some shots of some cullet glass I had and thought I would share the results.