The Stickers Are In!

The official stickers are in! To get your sticker pack for FREE simply send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
8108 Oldfield Ct SE
Byron Center, MI 49315

Slogan of The Month: Jan 2012

It was difficult to select the top “Slogan of The Month” submission once again. But after much thought congratulation goes to…Jim. I would like to thank those who sent in their submissions….I would like to, but sadly there were none. Winner by default: Me.
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Slogan of The Month: Dec. 2011

Since we don’t have an official website slogan, I have begun the search. Each month I will feature the best slogan submission for the website and will feature it on a fake tshirt. If you’d like to submit a slogan, please use the contact form. This months winning entry (and only one) comes from a cute blond who happens to reside in the same household as me. Congratulations to my wife, Kerri for this months winning slogan submission!

I love balls

I Love Balls