My iPhone App Is Now Available!

I’m happy to say after months and months of development, my iphone app, “AtmoSpheres” is now available in the app store!  Please take a minute to check it out if you have an iphone/ipod touch/or ipad.  It can be found in the app store here:

If you download it and like it, be sure to leave a positive review!  I’d really appreciate that!I’m on a trip up in northern Michigan on the Keewenaw Peninsula.  It’s beautiful up here and I’m hoping to find a few nice rocks.  I’m also recording a ton of great sounds for the next AtmoSpheres update.

Here’s my press release:

Playgrind Publishing Company Releases AtmoSpheres for iPhone/iPod Touch

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – September 9, 2012 – Playgrind Publishing Company announced today that their first app title, AtmoSpheres is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch.  AtmoSpheres is a multi-track full stereo sleep-aid, relaxation, and meditation tool.  It allows you to blend up to four tracks of sound to create your own customized mix using a unique sphere-based mixer.

In AtmoSpheres, the user can mix up to four sounds and save them as a preset for later recall.  All live sounds were recorded using up to five microphones enabling stunning simulated 3-D sound.  The sphere-based mixer provides one control for volume, stereo panning, pause, play, and delete.  It also includes a timer feature with audio fade out.  “It’s beautifully simple and sounds phenomenal”, said Jim Meeker, sole proprietor of Playgrind Publishing Company.

“I’m very happy with Atmospheres; I wanted to combine my love of audio recording with my hobby of stone sphere making.  As silly as that may sound, this is the result” said Meeker.  “I worked extremely hard on delivering superior sound quality and seamless looping with an innovative mixer that really takes advantage of the IOS gesture based platform.”

AtmoSpheres is now available for $1.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions.  AtmoSpheres is available world-wide from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch, or by visiting:

Please visit for more AtmoSpheres information, including videos and screenshots of the application, and for more company information.

Playgrind Publishing Company, an independent music publisher based out of Grand Rapids, MI, was formed by Jim Meeker for the purpose of promoting his musical works.

If you would like further information on AtmoSpheres or Playgrind Publishing Company, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:
Jim Meeker, Owner, Playgrind Publishing Company
Phone:  (616) 834-5117
email:  jim(at)

Hello World

It was a petoskey stone back in the mid 70′s I found that peaked my interest in rocks. I was visiting my Grandfather, who lived on Burt Lake in Indian River, Michigan, a small northern town. I showed my Grandpa (as I called him) and he took it into his workshop. There, he had a polishing wheel of some sort as I recall, and after several minutes of buffing the stone on the wheel, he handed me the polished petoskey. It was my prized possession. The beach of Burt Lake on his property was full of various kinds of stone and I would spend the bulk of my time there, combing the beach for Petoskey and Pudding Stones. These were the only kind of stones I knew at that time.

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and back home, I did not have any place to look for cool rocks like I had found “up north”. I don’t know what it was about finding rocks back then, but I loved it and that love stuck with me. I think it was the closest thing to treasure hunting I could get to.

Years past and I started my own family. My oldest son, took an interest in fossils and we began collecting them. We would go to Lake Michigan and local streams and hunt for rocks. This renewed my interest in rock hunting and gave me something to share with my son. We found all kinds of rocks of interest and even a few arrowheads. We began researching and trying to identify the specimens we had collected. I decided to buy a rock tumbler and pretty soon had two going at a time. As I became impatient with the length of time to finish a batch of polished rocks, I began to research making marbles online. I ended up buying a Covington Little Sphere machine, along with a 10″saw and grinding wheels from money I made from composing music for a local commercial. They weren’t cheap for a guy with an income like mine, but I had a blast making those little balls of stone. It was a hell of a lot of work and that Covington machine is a serious pain in the ass to run, but the results were pretty darn good. Of course, I wanted to make larger ones after a while and ended up buying a three headed home made machine from a great guy I contacted online. He took the time to explain everything I needed, where to go for supplies and how to cut the sphere pre-forms. He went above and beyond. It was really great and helped me a lot.

So here I am, a few years later since I began. I’m closer to my family and we take a lot of little trips together hunting rocks and hanging out at the beach. I live in a great state full of interesting finds. Where I used to curse the state because of the often terrible weather and cold winters, I now have a much greater appreciation for it.

I love to look at pictures of things I find of interest and plan on posting a ton of pictures. I hope to post interviews with other sphere makers, lapidary artists, and other people and things I find cool and fun. I hope you will enjoy the site!