I Sphere The Unknown

I found the rock I made this sphere from in Lake Michigan off the shore of Charlevoix, MI. It is one of my favorite spots to find Petoskey stones but that day I stumbled across this beauty. I haven’t seen one like this before, especially with the greens in it. So if you happen to know what it is made of, please drop me a note or leave a comment. Anyway, I hope you think it is cool as I think it is!

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  1. Any pics of the original rock? Will make IDing much easier.

    • I went ahead and added two pictures of a cut from the rough rock.

      • Very cool rock. Looks quartzose, the fracture pattern on the uncut surface looks like how quartz fractures. I’m thinking it was probably part of a quartz vein. The green could either be due to impurities in the quartz (color of minerals is not diagnostic), or derived from a greenstone, which would host the quartz veining. I’m not familiar with the geology of that area, hope this helps!