Agatized Coral at Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida

I flew my family down to Dunedin, Florida to stay with my folks. They are retired and live in a condo on the causeway to Honeymoon Island State Park, in Dunedin Florida. It is located on the Gulf Coast west of Tampa. I had been there before and I would wake up early every morning and go shelling on the north beach. Its great exercise and probably about a 4 mile hike to the northern most point and back. This year, I had read somewhere about Honeymoon Island being a great place for agatized coral. I had not heard about this before and was anxious to try my hand at finding some. My oldest son is 10 years old and loves rock hounding just about as much as me or more. Plus he has a great eye. We were there for a full 7 days and hit the beach every morning all but one day. We would bring a five gallon bucket and a hammer. I must admit my son found the best pieces of agatized coral. I am certainly no expert on this type of stone, but we sure found a lot of it. For those who may wish to visit this beautiful island and give the rockhounding a shot, we hit the northern most parking lot/beach and worked our way south from the bathroom building. We experienced much success. I believe you will agree we found a fair amount of agatized coral. I shipped back roughly 100 pounds of it (Cost me less than $50!). In addition to the obvious coral pieces there is an abundance of black agate or I heard it may be a form of chert. I have no experience with this but it looks like it will make fantastic spheres/jewelry. I heard some people do knapping with it. I found one large polka dotted rock (maybe an 8-10 pounder) I believe to be agatized coral. The hammer we brought to the beach came in handy and we dropped some whoop-ass on quite a few rocks finding partial and full geodes in the process. If someone can tell me more about these specimens I would love to hear from you. I haven’t found too much information online so far.