The Greatest Sphere App of All Time!

It’s been well established I have some sort of ADD, OCD or some other acronym self diagnosis to be involved with sphere making. I always have to be doing something towards making my dreams of world sphere domination complete. So I combined my love for sphere making, recording audio and pretty much everything Apple makes into one product. Over the past four months I’ve been recording the audio and exhausted all of my business savings on an iphone app called “AtmoSpheres”. The AtmoSpheres app is a multi-track relaxation and meditation tool. It allows you to blend up to four tracks of sound to build your own customized mix. Each mix can be named and saved for later recall as a customized preset. All sounds were recorded by me, either using synthesis or recording live with two to five microphones per recording. Sounds were then mixed down to stereo. You’d be hard pressed to find an app with better quality sounds. The unique sphere based mixer provides one control for volume, stereo panning, play, pause and delete. Simple. It will be submitted to the IOS app store very soon. It is the first app from my Playgrind Publishing Company.

Please check out the video and manual stills, share with your friends, and download the free version when it finally hits the App Store, hopefully within the next couple weeks.

UPDATE:  The app has been approved and now available in the Apple App Store here: