What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I like the slogan, but something’s not quite right! I don’t think they’re referencing rock spheres here.

Does It Make Me A Braggart When I Proclaim “I have the shiniest balls on the internet!”?

In addition to stone, I really love the look of glass. Its amazing material and can look incredibly beautiful as a sphere. I collect as much of it as I can get and recently purchased over 100 pounds of recycled glass (cullet, slag) chunks (mostly blue and green colored ones but some purple and reds as well) at a great price. As beautiful as it is, it can be difficult to work. I should probably wear gloves when working with it because I always end up slicing a finger tip or something. I had actually made it through the entire process with no injuries on this one…until clean up. Then, I sliced the tip of my finger on a chunk of scrap. No guitar playing for a week or so. But it was worth it. I love how this sphere turned out. The hardest part after cutting it for me is the final polish to remove scratches. I use my custom made leather cups with cerium oxide polish. After running it wet, I let it dry out some and heat up a bit to seal up any scratches. So theres my secret. And here are the pics:

My next stickers: “Shiniest Balls Online”

The Stickers Are In!

The official spheremaker.com stickers are in! To get your sticker pack for FREE simply send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

8108 Oldfield Ct SE
Byron Center, MI 49315

Slogan of The Month: Dec. 2011

Since we don’t have an official website slogan, I have begun the search. Each month I will feature the best slogan submission for the website and will feature it on a fake tshirt. If you’d like to submit a slogan, please use the contact form. This months winning entry (and only one) comes from a cute blond who happens to reside in the same household as me. Congratulations to my wife, Kerri for this months winning slogan submission!

I love balls

I Love Balls