Deer Lick Creek Park Septarians in South Haven, Michigan

Well we have had some pretty unusually warm weather here in Michigan this winter. A couple weeks ago, the weather jumped close to 50 degrees and sunny. I had heard about a park on Lake Michigan in South Haven that was a good place to look for Michigan septarians. Septarians are made of an argillaceous (clay-rich# carbonate, predominantly. The outside gets “case-hardened” by chemical desiccation while the inside dries out, which forms the distinctive cracks. The cracks then fill in with carbonate or silica rich groundwater which allows crystals to precipitate out of solution and fill the cracks). I jumped at the chance to get outside and had an incredibly beautiful day there. The only drawback was the forecast for 7-15 foot waves! Well, when I got there it was windy, the waves were big, but nothing like predicted. I wore my knee high boots but still managed to catch a rogue wave splashing me from the crotch down and into my boots. I stayed a good hour and a half before leaving. My pant leg was still soaked as I left and made my way to the Saugatuck Brewery for three pints and a perch sandwich. It looked like I had pissed my pants when I walked in…but no one said anything (I imagine they may have a few leave like that once in awhile, but rarely come in like that!). My thirst quenched, I headed home. I will be back in the spring I imagine….or maybe sooner (damn, that beer was good!).

I did manage to find quite a few septarians, along with some beautiful unknown rocks and quite a bit of large slag. I also found my first Michigan Hematite. Enjoy the pix!